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Listed electric vehicle Battery manufacturers in India

Enertron is a listed electric vehicle Battery manufacturers in India.

Currently, Lithium-ion Batteries are used in most EV - electric vehicles. Li-ion Batteries are used because of their higher energy per unit mass relative to other electric storage system.

Enertron is the leading electric vehicle Battery manufacturer in India.

Enertron's Batteries boast cutting-edge technology featuring an innovative grid design and premium quality active material. An ABS container with anchored plates ensures resilience against high impacts and vibration.

With Enertron's Battery solution, you can unleash your electric vehicle's full potential, enjoying peak performance even in challenging conditions like rough roads and unpredictable weather.


  • Absorbent Glass Mat technology - for efficient gas recombination

  • Maintenance free (no water topping-up required)

  • No free acid (Non-spillable Battery)

  • Can be used in any orientation (excluding used inverted)

  • The Battery is designed for high power & high cyclic usage.

  • Its design life is Approx. 400 cycles at 100% discharge in cycle service at 77°F/25°C.

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