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About Us

EV Battery & Chargers Manufacturer

After several years of innovation and service in the energy solution industry, the Dyna group launched Enertron. A unique brand that specializes in design, development, supply and servicing of Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries for Electric Vehicle applications.


Enertron envisions to power a green change by providing high-performing EV energy solutions at affordable rates. Given Enertron's parentage and their expertise in batteries and chargers, our capabilities have taken the market by storm to become India's one-stop destination for EV energy solutions.


At Enertron, we work relentlessly behind the scenes to keep powering your daily life-silently and strongly. We know what it takes to keep the datacenters functioning, trains on time, lights shining and emergency systems operational. We understand the responsibilities on our shoulders when we supply to nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, mobile towers, the Indian Army or even rigs searching for oil deep in the sea.


We believe India has come a long way in adapting to this green initiative and has a long journey ahead – we are proud to be powering that journey, storing that energy and using it when all other systems fail. We understand batteries and charging better than anyone else.

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